How to determine Diabetes?

What you are; Diabetes, Pre-diabetes or Non diabetes?

Doctors can determine whether a patient has a normal metabolism, pre-diabetes or diabetes in one of three different ways – there are three possible tests:

The HBA1C test

  • More than 7.1% means diabetes
  • Between 6.5% to 7.0% means pre-diabetes
  • Between 4.5% to 6.4% non diabetes

The FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test

  • At least 126 mg/dl means diabetes
  • Between 100 mg/dl and 125.99 mg/dl means prediabetes
  • Less than 100 mg/dl means normal

The OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test)

  • At least 200 mg/dl means diabetes
  • Between 140 and 199.9 mg/dl means prediabetes
  • Less than 140 mg/dl means normal

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